Making Bath SaltsThis article is on making bath salts–something that can really make a bath enjoyable and nurturing.
Making bath salts can be a fun and enjoyable hobby and way to spend time with kids, or enjoy time to yourself.  We’ve already discussed how easy it is to make Homemade Bath Bombs.  Making bath salts is really easy to do, too.

Additionally, if you enjoy taking long baths then making bath salts will really be a fun hobby for you because you will get to enjoy the bath salts personally.   There are few things in life as enjoyable as soaking in a hot warm bath, and letting the bath salts you made go to work on healing and nourishing your body.  It really can be a great way to emotionally heal yourself.

If you are looking into making bath salts here are the basic things you will need and here is how I make them:

1)  You will, of course, need salt.  Different people prefer different things when making bath salts, but you can combine both sea salt and Epsom salts.

2)  You will need a scent.  Most of the time when making bath salts people use fragrance oils, aromatherapy oils, or essential oils.

3)  Equipment to mix everything in.  Glass or metal bowls can work fine for this.

4)  Equipment to mix everything with.  You can use spoons for mixing or whisks for mixing.

5)  Plastic or glass jars to put the final product in.  Plastic is recommended because if you drop a plastic jar it won’t break, and if you have kids, especially small kids, this is something you have to think about.

There are some other tips/tricks when making bath salts that you might want to include.  These include dendritic salt, or natrasorb salt.  These are designed to hold the fragrance in when you are making bath salts.  Additionally, liquid soap colors or micas work well to hold color in your bath salts.  Finally, baking soda is a great water conditioner and also can be used  as a skin softener ingredient.

Once you have this equipment you will also need measuring cups to measure out the specific ingredients needed for making bath salts.

Once you have the equipment lined up and are ready to make bath salts just follow the instructions.  It really is easy and a fun hobby to have.  The other thing you need to be careful of is making sure that you don’t spill the ingredients, and also to make sure that you don’t get any of the ingredients in your eyes.  It is recommended when making bath salts to wear an apron and rubber gloves, and to also use eye protection.  If you have children with you make sure they are dressed appropriately, too.

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I hope you enjoy making bath salts just as much as I do!