Most women will tell you that bath bombs are the greatest and I would agree 100%! There is nothing like relaxing in a nice warm bath with bath bombs that make you smell great and your skin feel even better. Baths are great for relieving the stresses of a hard day or when you need a night of pampering. Of course bath salts and bubbles are also used but some of the ingredients in any bath product can usually be questionable. This is why it can be very beneficial to make bath bombs at home so you always have them on hand and should you run out, you can make them instead of waiting till the next time you get to the store.

How to Make Homemade Bath BombsHomemade bath bombs can make your skin feel super soft without a big mess to clean up afterward. Think of a bath bomb like a volcano project you probably did in school. When you used baking soda and vinegar to make the volcano bubbly so it would erupt. Bath bombs are similar to that very volcano. When the bath bomb hits the water it fizzes and disperses the oils in the water as well as the air. If you have overly or just plain sensitive skin you should avoid store-bought bombs and simply make bath bombs at home.

How to Make Bath Bombs at Home

Here is a recipe that I use that is fairly simple and basic should you choose to make bath bombs at home. The ingredients needed are baking soda, fine citric acid, witch hazel, essential oils of your choosing and up to 2 inch molds. You then take one part citric acid and combine with two parts baking soda. If you enjoy using Epsom or sea salt add one part of this as well. Try to choose a very fine grain if possible. Blend all of these dry ingredients very well to increase the chances of your bath bomb turning out properly.

Now it’s time to add in the essential oils to the dry mix. The best part about using essential oils is that they come from plants and are not like synthetic oils which can cause allergic reactions in some people. Feel free to make your own combination or simply use a single oil. Should you have allergies to pollen it’s important to avoid oils that come from flowers and you might consider herbal oils. Once you have blended the oils with the dry mixture fill a spray bottle with the witch hazel. You then spray the witch hazel in the mixture constantly stirring until it all sticks together. Press down on the mixture to see if it sticks good.

When it does, you can then put them in the molds. Who knew one could make bath bombs at home with such ease?

Place the mixture in the molds and press together. Do not worry if you have some coming out between the seam of the molds as this actually increases the chance of the bath bomb staying together. Wait just a few minutes then gently release the bath bomb from the mold by gently tapping the mold. Let the bombs dry on a towel for several hours, overnight if possible. Store them in a container and grab one when you go to take a bath. You now know how to make bath bombs at home so you have no reason not to relax and pamper yourself once in a while with a nice relaxing bath filled with your very own bath bomb creations.

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Enjoy your bath bombs and take some time for yourself!