Homemade Spa Parties are extremely popular.  I love having my friends over and it’s great because we can spend time chatting, and we also get to relax and just unwind.

Homemade Spa PartyIt isn’t uncommon to hear about people having spa parties at home because it’s fun, inexpensive and rewarding all rolled in to one. You too can plan your own homemade spa party by gathering certain items, materials and at home spa recipes. Not to mention, people! You can find many of the items in your own kitchen or thrift stores are a great place to look and will cost much less than those at a retail store. It is only fair that you are allowed to be pampered once in a great while and who doesn’t want to feel relaxed and refreshed?

How to Throw a Homemade Spa Party – Here is How I do it!

The items will vary depending on what you have planned for your homemade spa party so the following is simply a guideline. Common items used at a spa party include:

  • plastic bowls for hands/feet,
  • hand towels or washcloths (attractively stacked in a basket if possible),
  • clothes basket for used cloths and towels,
  • cotton balls, nail polish,
  • inexpensive plastic or elastic headbands (for facial treatments),
  • pitchers
  • nail and/or foot files,
  • pumice stone
  • relaxing music.

Now you also want to have the ingredients on hand should you plan to demonstrate homemade spa treatments otherwise you need to have hand/foot soaks, facial cleanser, eye masks, etc. All the necessary ingredients to have a successful spa party.

Having some kind of ‘plan’ for your homemade spa party will make things go smoothly and you will appear to be a professional, whether it is your first or fifth spa party. Have all the materials and items in an orderly fashion readily available for each person at the party. This means have a bowl for soaking hands/feet at each place setting, towels between each seat, etc. I generally also use a basket containing nail files, polish etc. that can be passed around to each person. If you plan to demonstrate homemade spa recipes, set up a table holding all the necessary items and ingredients, but have some ready for use that your guests can use while you demonstrate. You don’t want to hold up the party while demonstrating…I’ve been there before! :)

Homemade Spa PartyProviding information on what people used in terms of spa products and samples is very helpful in terms of why you chose the treatments you chose and the benefits they provide. This will encourage your guests to come again should you have another party and will help them better understand what will work for their skin type etc. So doing your homework before having a homemade spa party is highly beneficial.  It doesn’t have to be super fancy, but I have found that having some basic information goes a long way.

You could even create little note cards for each of your at home spa recipes for the guests to take home after the party. Even if they make their own they are sure to come back for another party. Have a variety of nail polish colors on hand and if you do not have a large assortment of your own, encourage your guests to bring their own favorite polish. Some prefer this so it is not an outrageous suggestion.

Choose your favorite relaxing music suitable for a spa party that all your guests can enjoy. Keep the volume low but audible so when the treatments are setting, soaking, etc, the atmosphere will be that of an actual spa. I have used classical music, new age type music, instrumental music, and even jazz music.  One, and make sure of this one important thing:  HAVE FUN!  Your homemade spa party is sure to be a success no matter how you do it as long as you remember to have fun!

For more great tips on how to throw a great spa party at home click here! This eBook helped me a lot with recipes, tips, and ideas on how to throw a great homemade spa product.  Check it out here!

Have fun at your spa party!