Are you interested in learning how to make homemade skin treatments in addition to other homemade spa products? You’ve come to the right place!  This article will discuss the following: What equipment is needed to make homemade skin treatments?  Also, you will learn about the time and money it takes to make homemade skin care products, and a few of the different types of homemade skin treatments you can make. 

Homemade Skin TreatmentsFirst, what is needed to make homemade skin treatments?  The equipment is not complicated or expensive at all.  Most homemade skin treatments can be made with stuff you have in your kitchen. This is not an all inclusive list of what you need to make homemade skin treatments, but here is what I use and is a good start:

1)  A mixing bowl, plastic is preferred
2)  Large spoons, Spatulas, or mixing whisks
3)  Measuring cups
4)  Measuring spoons
5)  Soap molds (if you want to make bars of soap)
6)  Plastic bottles, (to store your homemade skin treatments)

This is not a complete list, and it just goes over the basic things you need.  As you can see, none of this equipment to make homemade skin treatments, is expensive or complicated, and most people have almost all of this equipment sitting in their kitchen.

Now that we have covered the basic equipment needed to make homemade skin treatments, let’s cover some of the  different types of homemade skin treatments you can make.

Acne treatments.  If you or somebody you know is suffering from acne, making homemade skin treatments can help them with their acne.  I know my niece has really benefited from the acne treatments I have made, and I imagine when my children get older they will benefit too.

Soaking bath treatments.  A great way to relieve stress is to make homemade skin treatments that can be used in your bath.  These include fragrance oils, Epsom salts, and more.  You also can have bath bombs in these, which are really fun and relaxing!  You also can make bubble bath treatments that are fun for kids, or to soak in for yourself.

You can also learn how to make face masks or mud masks that will help heal your skin, make it feel better, and clean our the pours and exfoliate your skin.  These masks always make my face feel so refreshed after I use them.

You can make homemade candles, or homemade aromatherapy fragrances that set a great scent into the air that will give you wonderful enjoyment.

Balms, lotions, and creams.  If you have a burn, you can make natural balms, and skin care treatments.

Lets cover one other incredible benefit of knowing how to make homemade skin treatments.  The ability to turn this into a business and make money for you.

You can sell your homemade skin treatments and homemade skin care products to local businesses, you can sell directly to the consumer, you can sell these in gift baskets.  The sky is really the limit.

Most people who sell homemade skin treatments find that it is a fun business to get into because you can easily and quickly make some good money, just by giving away some of your homemade skin treatments to your friends and neighbors.  The word gets out very quickly what you do, and people want to get more of your products immediately.  My mother (who is also into this hobby) sells her stuff on Facebook.  She just takes a few pictures, posts it on her wall, and then people send her messages saying they want some.

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